Mini - mediations

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Action - mini mediation - I invite to workshops, lectures and individual sessions in school, kindergarten, parents, guardians ... more on mini mediations and my method here.

I care about the support teachers, educators, pupils and parents so that schools and kindergartens encourage the development of childresn and all have the opportunity to meet their needs. I want to help to create a place where there is cooperation, understanding and respect.

Why did I choose my energy, knowledge, time and experience for the development of communication skills in kindergartens, schools? Because I want children to be happy, independent, fulfilled, creative, affectionate, confident, inquisitive, fulfilled ... and I am convinced that it depends on the daily choices that parents and teachers and other children make. At the workshop together we wonder if what we say and do contributes to making children happy, independent, fulfilled, creative ...? And together we find a way to take care of the needs of everyone without "losing the authority" and "stepping on the head".

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In 2006, I started to manage two teams in the corporation (Empik) and my, so far the only, experience was watching my bosses. For a few years, I managed my own and their work on "hit and miss". I missed more often. So I went to the communication exercise, and the employees gave me feedback - what works and what does not. I became an internal coach and mentor for future employees and started to derive great joy and fulfillment from it. I graduated  the School of Social Psychology and workshops with the Nonviolent Communication.

The proportions have changed and now I am completely committed to running the trainings, and the experience I have gained and the "better failures" that I experienced along the way allow me, together with training participants, to find the most-cooperative communication and activities.

I invite corporations, family businesses, institutions, universities, health care facilities...